Sulay A. Thompson-Figueroa

Sulay A. Thompson-Figueroa

Director, Client Success

Sulay A. Thompson-Figueroa is a dynamic and results-driven healthcare technology operations leader with a proven track record of excellence in strategic problem-solving, operational and product management, and client success. Originating from Queens, NYC, Sulay brings a rich reservoir of experience and proficiency to the continually evolving intersection of healthcare and technology. As a strategic visionary, adaptable problem-solver, and collaborative team player, Sulay has extensive experience navigating the complex landscape of healthcare technology operations with finesse and innovation.

Sulay brings a comprehensive understanding of Customer Success Management dynamics to the healthcare landscape. As a Customer Success Leader, her strategic mindset and hands-on experience have proven instrumental in driving the development and successful launch of healthcare technology products. Sulay's ability to analyze complex data, gather insights, and translate them into user-centric features highlights her dedication to delivering solutions that make a tangible and deep-rooted impact. Her most recent role at Verana Health showcased her prowess in implementing standardized processes and effective communication strategies, skills that have translated seamlessly into the realm of Customer Success.

Sulay holds a Master's degree in Public Health from Capella University, a Bachelor's degree in Biology and Pre-medicine from St. John's University, and an extensive array of clinical and administrative certifications and educational achievements, which underlines her commitment to continuous improvement and multidisciplinary expertise, driving efficiency, quality, and value in every product. Sulay is recognized for her advanced leadership skills and possesses three leadership certificates. As a member in good standing of the National Society of Leadership and Success, she has embraced a lifelong learning journey and translated these skills into driving team performance, fostering customer satisfaction, and promoting organizational growth.

Sulay's journey reflects a deep-rooted passion for innovation and an unyielding commitment to positively impacting the healthcare/ healthcare technology landscape. As she continues to shape the present and future of healthcare, Sulay harnesses her skills, experience, and knowledge to complement her steadfast passion for making a positive impact.