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Vaccine Management

Streamline Vaccine Distribution

Manage Vaccination Appointments Quickly & Easily with a Comprehensive Vaccine Management Platform

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Yosi Health Vaccine Management
Yosi Health Vaccine Management
Vaccine Management Platform

Keep Vaccine Distribution Sites Running Quickly and Efficiently

Yosi Health’s Vaccine Management Platform allows healthcare providers to automate patient appointments, reminders, communications, and more. By saving time on paperwork and outreach, your practice can dedicate more time to providing quick, quality service for every patient.

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Vaccine Distribution

How it Works

For Patients

Yosi Health Vaccine Management

Book Appointment

From your website, patients quickly and easily self- schedule appointments online or from their personal devices.

Complete paperwork

Patients complete their vaccination forms from their personal devices(via text or email) prior to arrival.


Patients arrive to their scheduled appointment with all required paperwork completed, dramatically reducing wait times and long lines.

Stay Informed

After their vaccination, patients receive specific follow-up information and instructions, as well as an automatic appointment reminder for their 2nd dose either 21 or 28 days later.

For Providers

Yosi Health Vaccine Management

Manage Appointment

Automatically set your vaccine locations and time slots so patients know when and where appointments are available.

Collect Vaccine Screenings

Automatically send Screening for Vaccine Contraindications via SMS or email. (No app required!)

Remind, Confirm, & Cancel Appointments

Easily manage automatic appointment confirmations, reminders, and cancellations through a user-friendly dashboard.

Share Critical Information

Automatically send follow-up information and instructions regarding their 1st vaccination dose. Set an automatic 2nd dose appointment reminder 21 or 28 days later.

“Switching to Yosi has been one of the best decisions I have made for my practice. It has been a game changer! No longer are patients taking 20min to fill out paper work in my waiting room, then running me behind 20min from the get-go. Since we have implemented Yosi, the average time for my patients from walking in the door of the office to me walking in to see them is 6 minutes!!! My patients are loving this and as we all know, happy patients make a healthy practice! And the cherry on top of the great product and great service…I am saving $1200 yearly from the registration platform I used previously. It sounded too good to be true when I first looked at Yosi, but so far, they have completely exceeded my expectations.”

Dr. April Tillery
Dr. April Tillery
DME Management
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