Supercharge Your Practice 

Reduce staff burnout, increase the bottom line, and drastically improve the patient experience with workflow automation optimized for your
Pediatrics practice.

Unmatched Reliability, Proven ROI

You can count on Yosi Health to improve patient and staff experiences throughout your entire patient journey. Practices leveraging the power of Yosi Health are increasing revenue, saving time, and improving patient outcomes and you can too. By empowering your team with our customizable patient intake and management platform you will supercharge your practice.

Patient Intake and Check In

Automated patient engagement solutions are increasing revenue, saving tons of time, driving better patient reviews, and significantly lowering no show rates. Yosi’s pre-arrival solutions and contactless patient intake tools seamlessly integrate with your EMR system in real time. Say goodbye to transcription, scanning, and payment collection at the point of care. It’s all being taken care of by the patient before they arrive through the Yosi Health platform.

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Patient Appointment Self-Scheduling

Give patients the freedom to schedule their next visit directly from your website. Don’t worry, we don’t just indiscriminately open your appointment calendar to all your new or returning patients. With Yosi Health patients are able to self-schedule with the correct providers at the correct times at the correct locations. Our patient self-scheduling software reduces no-shows by sending effective custom text and email appointment confirmations and reminders. You will reduce time consuming tasks for your staff by eliminating unnecessary phone calls and manually booking appointments.

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Pre and Post Visit Payment Collection

Practices using Yosi Health are getting paid faster by gathering co-pays and collecting outstanding balances directly through the Yosi patient billing software. You can too with our easy-to-use PCI-compliant interface that allows for ‘Card on File’. Offer flexible patient payment services to accommodate patient budgets and provide your patients with unfettered care delivery.

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Surveys and Review Management

A great patient experience makes for a great patient review. Continually improve your online reputation with Yosi’s automated state-of-the-art patient engagement surveys. Yosi makes building online reviews and following up with patients easier with automated surveys, reputation management tools, and user-friendly feedback forms. Improve your online reputation like other Yosi Health practices by leveraging our state-of-the-art patient engagement solutions.

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Telehealth Solutions

Expand your access and increase your bottom line by adding Yosi Health telehealth solutions. Yosi makes it easier to connect with more patients by adding the convenience of seeing patients virtually in their homes. Our telehealth solution sends automatic appointment reminders with session links and syncs with calendars to easily manage remote appointments.

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HIPAA Compliant Two-Way Texting

Practices using Yosi Health are not wasting time with unnecessary phone calls or playing phone tag. Yosi makes communicating appointment details and answering patient questions easier than ever and it can be done from anywhere. Simplify your patient interactions by communicating quickly and easily via HIPAA compliant two-way text message.

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Customizable Solutions for Everyone

Yosi Health was conceived by and continues to evolve with vital input from real world physicians and industry workers facing the same challenges you are. They, as you, understand the necessity of a highly personalized, unflinchingly reliable, and fully integrated suite of tools that must deliver a great patient and staff experience. The result is Yosi Health, a completely integrated customizable platform that adjusts to your practice workflows and supercharges your existing administrative patient engagement workload to produce undeniable return on investment.

by type

Primary Care

Yosi reduces expenses and maximizes revenue collection by automating workflows. Offset shrinking reimbursements and rising costs with customized solutions that reduce no-shows and collect payments faster.

Urgent Care

Our seamless appointment scheduling features are designed to help your patients book a spot more easily. Pre-arrival solutions like automated text messages and mobile check-in will reduce patient wait times and administrative burden.

Specialty Practices

Customizable pre-arrival and patient engagement solutions unique to your practice. Offset declining reimbursements by minimizing overhead, reducing no-shows, and maximizing revenue with Yosi’s fully integrated platform.

by organization

Health Systems

Easily scalable to fit the needs of any size organization, including large health systems, the Yosi platform increases efficiency by automating workflows and patient interaction to improve patient outcomes.

Independent Practices

Seamlessly integrate Yosi Health solutions into your EMR to supercharge your practice. Work with the Yosi team to customize our platform to suit the needs of your unique practice.

Community Health Centers and FQHC

Reduce costs and maximize revenue collection with Yosi Health’s customizable suite of patient intake and engagement solutions. Leverage the power of automation to minimize overhead and improve quality of care.

Calculate Your ROI

It’s easier than you think to start saving money and increasing your bottom line. Don’t settle for an expensive and cumbersome one-size-fits-all solution. Yosi has a premium level of customization that creates an immediate positive impact with an efficient and straightforward set up process.

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Why Choose Yosi? 

Since 2015, we were the first pre-arrival focused patient intake and management platform obsessed with creating a great patient and staff experience, and we haven’t stopped innovating since. Developed from first-hand experiences, the Yosi platform is designed to provide bespoke tools for practices of all sizes and specialties architected by people who actually work in them.

Creating Great Patient and Staff Experiences

Attract and retain both patients and staff by leveraging automation to eliminate necessary, yet burdensome and repetitive administrative tasks, while significantly improving the patient engagement experience throughout the entire patient journey.

Fully Customizable

The Yosi platform is completely customizable to your individual specialties, needs, and workflows no matter how unique or quirky and regardless of size or specialty. We’re a highly configurable platform not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Real Time Bi-Directional EMR Integration

Yosi seamlessly integrates with your existing EMR system to ensure accurate bi-directional information transfer without the need for separate dashboards.

Exceptional Support and Reliability

We believe the best way to provide exceptional support is to build a platform that requires minimal support. With an unprecedented 99.95% uptime never before seen in healthcare, you can count on us to provide a five-star customer experience.

Physician Founded

Yosi Health was created by physicians and healthcare professionals who are facing the exact same challenges as you. We understand the importance of a solution focused on the patient and staff experience because we are in it with you every day.

At the Forefront of Innovation

We were the first to remove patient intake from the waiting room and have remained the leader ever since. While other companies were selling hardware, kiosks, and tablets, we created a better experience by eliminating the traditional point of care administrative choke points.

Trusted by Practices of All


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