A West Palm Beach Medical Group Leverages Technology to Improve the Patient Experience

As a new generation of parents emerges, pediatric practices must evolve to meet a new expectation of care. The outdated processes of filing physical paperwork and communicating via phone are no longer conducive to a positive patient experience, and in an age of on-demand services, healthcare practitioners must leverage technology to find continued success.

Palm Beach Pediatrics (PBP) in West Palm Beach, Florida is moving forward to optimize the patient experience with full-range patient engagement support from Yosi Health. The solutions provided to PBP by Yosi include online scheduling, online registration, pre-registration screenings, patient surveys + review management, and two-way texting.

By taking several of their services online, the front desk staff were able to eliminate time-consuming elements of intake and registration. Streamlining the process relieved the clerical burden and allowed front desk staff to provide better, more attentive service to the patients and their parents.

This new generation of parents, who have known technology their whole lives, appreciates the changes made to antiquated procedures. Yosi facilitates more efficient communication with two-way texting, which allows parents to easily submit insurance information and communicate directly with the front desk in their preferred medium.

The transition into using the platform was made smooth by Yosi’s commitment to thorough testing before taking everything live. They worked with staff to ensure that everyone was trained and knew the software, bringing with them the trust and respect that all practices deserve.

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