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Super Charge Your Front Office

Upgrading to Yosi Health enables you to check-in more patients easier and faster.

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    Imagine over 90% of patients fully pre-registered before arrival, as well as a much happier staff.

    Upgrading your waiting room is now much easier than you think. See more patients and collect payments faster with Yosi Health. Our interface is direct, real-time, and fully automated, so you don’t need a separate dashboard to transfer all patient data into athenahealth.

    Appointment Self-Scheduling
    and Reminders

    Patients self-schedule appointments in real-time with automated reminders

    Contactless Patient Intake
    and Registration

    Pre-arrival focused patient intake & registration that syncs to your athena instance in real-time

    Automated Patient Payments
    and Billing

    Easily send bills and collect co-pays and balances – directly

    Online Reputation

    Collect star ratings, reviews on social media platforms and conduct surveys

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    How it Works

    How does Yosi integrate with athenahealth?

    We know you and your patients will love Yosi.
    We will even provide a $500 credit if you’re not fully happy after your no-risk trial.

    Step 1

    Appointments are booked in athena by your staff or self scheduled by patients using Yosi’s self-scheduling appointment booking system that is connect to athena in real time maximizing patient volume

    Step 2

    Patients are automatically sent a fully white-labeled text/email with instructions, reminders to check-in/make payments reducing no-shows, increasing collection and maximizing patient engagement

    Step 3

    Patients use our simple, easy-to-use, web based system to complete intake, sign document and make payments (Works on all smartphone/desktop, no app to download, no portal or login needed)

    Step 4

    Yosi automatically transfers all patient data, payments and documents directly into athena. No separate dashboard needed – the transfer is real-time eliminating scanning and data transcription


    Why athena Practices Love Yosi

    Patients Pre-Registered
    Reduction in No-Shows
    Average Reduction in Patient Wait Times
    Minutes Saved Per Patient

    “Switching to Yosi has been one of the best decisions I have made for my practice. The owner and the team are top-notch. They have been willing to accommodate the particular needs of our practice within their structure. Everyone has been attentive, prompt, and absolutely terrific to work with. As far as the software, it has been a game changer! No longer are patients taking 20min to fill out paper work in my waiting room, then running me behind 20min from the get-go. Since we have implemented Yosi, the average time for my patients from walking in the door of the office to me walking in to see them is 6 minutes!!! My patients are loving this and as we all know, happy patients make a healthy practice! And the cherry on top of the great product and great service…I am saving $1200 yearly from the registration platform I used previously. It sounded too good to be true when I first looked at Yosi, but so far, they have completely exceeded my expectations.” 

    Dr. April Tillery
    Dr. April Tillery
    Obstetrics & Gynecology Specialist
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