Elation Patient Intake Integration

Create better patient and staff experiences with customized patient intake and management tools that seamlessly integrate with Elation.

Two-way EMR Integration with Elation

Join all the practices leveraging Yosi Health to reduce no shows, increase revenue, get better reviews, and experience happier patients and staff. Yosi Health seamlessly integrates with Elation EMR so you can manage all patient data in one place. Collect important patient information ahead of the appointment to reduce time in the waiting room and get updates in real-time.

Improve Quality of Care

Real time two-way patient data integration between Yosi Health and Elation puts all important information at your fingertips before the patient arrives to improve quality of care.

Reduce Administrative Time

Customizable patient intake forms automatically sync to Elation in real time to eliminate transcription saving your staff time and frustration.

Increase Your Bottom Line

Practices leveraging Yosi Health are reducing expenses, improving patient experiences, and getting paid faster.


of patients fully pre-register

Yosi Health users report that over 84% of patients fully pre-register before arrival reducing costs, wait times, and staff frustrations.

Supercharge Your Practice

It’s easier than you think to integrate Yosi Health with Elation EMR. Our interface doesn’t require a separate dashboard or a complicated setup process. The integration is direct, real-time, and fully automated transferring all patient data into Elation

Patient Intake and Check In

Automated patient engagement solutions are increasing revenue, saving lots of time, driving better patient reviews, and significantly lowering no show rates. Yosi’s pre-arrival solutions and contactless patient intake tools seamlessly integrate with your EMR system in real time. Say goodbye to transcription, at the point of care. It’s all being taken care of by the patient before they arrive through the Yosi Health platform.Learn More

Surveys and Review Management

A great patient experience makes for a great patient review. Continually improve your online reputation with Yosi’s automated state-of-the-art patient engagement surveys. Yosi makes building online reviews and following up with patients easier with automated surveys, reputation management tools, and user-friendly feedback forms. Improve your online reputation like other Yosi Health practices by leveraging our state-of-the-art patient engagement solutions.Learn More

Telehealth Solutions

Expand your access and increase your bottom line by adding Yosi Health telehealth solutions. Yosi makes it easier to connect with more patients by adding the convenience of seeing patients virtually in their homes. Our telehealth solution sends automatic appointment reminders with session links and syncs with calendars to easily manage remote appointments.Learn More

HIPAA Compliant Two-Way Texting

Practices using Yosi Health are not wasting time with unnecessary phone calls or playing phone tag. Yosi makes communicating appointment details and answering patient questions easier than ever and it can be done from anywhere. Simplify your patient interactions by communicating quickly and easily via HIPAA compliant two-way text message.Learn More

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