Attention athenahealth users, your life just got much easier! Yosi Health is the most advanced patient intake and management system. Our mission is to help healthcare workers streamline the patient intake process, minimize in-person contact during check-in, and provide the tools you need to maximize clinic revenue. Less work and more ROI? What could be better?

Yosi Health seamlessly integrates with athenahealth eliminating the need for data transfer with no additional dashboard needed. Our tools enable a simpler patient intake process with these simple steps.

  1. First, the patient appointment is scheduled in real time and moved directly into athenahealth
  2. Next, the patient receives a text and an email and can register with your clinic by completing an intake form and pays their co-pay or balance
  3. Finally, all patient data and payments are integrated into athenahealth

Improve Patient Relationships with Yosi

Most patients don’t appreciate receiving pharmacy ads after their scheduled appointment is complete. This is why Yosi Health never advertises to your patients. Additionally, the Yosi platform will improve patient-side revenue by 20% and reduce wait times by 14 minutes. This is incredibly impactful for practices who have struggled with negative patient feedback after longer than expected waiting room times and issues with billing and communications.

Yosi Health & athenahealth

athenahealth users nationwide are singing praises for the streamlined, mobile-first technology Yosi has provided. As such, we’ve earned a 5-star rating on the app store. Patients, doctors, and front office staff members all want the same things – less paperwork, more efficiency, and shared secure information so they can focus on improving health outcomes. In just a few short years, Yosi Health has become a leader in pre-arrival solutions and patient engagement. Get started today and improve patient and staff experiences throughout your entire patient journey.