Yosi Health Asks the Right Questions to Support Patient Self-Scheduling

Yosi Health offers a full suite of virtual patient intake services that lets patients fill out forms and complete their intake before they come in for clinical visits, online self-scheduling of appointments, two-way text communication, billing, patient surveys, telehealth, and more. In a recent video interview with CEO Hari Prasad, he describes how they have overcome the traditional barriers to patient self-scheduling and other insights into their unique approach to the patient intake process.

Pre-visit intake can get complicated because each healthcare provider is unique and has layers of requirements. For instance, pediatricians might have more than 300 workflows for intake, because it varies by age and other factors. So Yosi Health works with each care center to replicate its business and workflow needs.

Similarly, clinicians have traditionally balked at patient self-scheduling because the patient doesn’t know what types of appointments are offered and how to choose the right one. Staff are usually required to ask the right questions. Furthermore, physician schedules are constantly changing, and not all services are available at all times.

Prasad says that Yosi Health has solved the self-scheduling problem, offering an “airline check-in experience,” by integrating in real-time with EHRs and other systems. They also analyze the questions asked by staff to recreate them in the self-scheduling software.

Watch the video for more details about Yosi Health’s implementation of a “true digital front door,” their text messaging system, how they improve the patient experience while reducing staff burnout, and future plans.

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