Hari Prasad grew up in Madras, India and moved to a small town in West Virginia to go to school at age 19. From there he focused on healthcare economics and held a series of jobs where he analyzed the patient journey and created the infrastructure for success under accountable care.

But the idea for Yosi Health came from his own experience. After dislocating his shoulder he had the very painful experience of filling out all sorts of paperwork before being seen. Ouch!

Yosi – which means ‘awareness’ or ‘think’ – was created to improve the front end experience for patients and providers. The results – reduced patient no shows, higher collection rates, and improved online reputation – are attractive to practices that generally provide great care coupled with poor customer service.

NEW YORK, April 19, 2022 – Yosi Health, a provider of digital patient scheduling, registration, payment, and communication cloud-based software solutions, announced today that their award-winning Yosi Health platform is now interoperable with Cerner, the worldwide electronic health record (EHR) leader working across diverse healthcare settings and care models, via its Cerner Millennium® EHR. As a validated Cerner code Developer Program application, Yosi has worked to optimize interoperability with Cerner Millennium via FHIR® APIs. Cerner clients who select and license the validated app from Yosi can implement its comprehensive patient intake program and deploy it throughout their practices and patient networks.

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Patient Intake Solutions

A Yosi Health Multi-Part Series

This is Part 5 of our new 8-part series that explores the ins-and-outs of identifying the best patient intake solution for your healthcare practice. Not all patient intake solutions are created equal, which is why it’s important to know about different program features, functionalities, and what to look out for.  

Part 5: Does Implementing a new patient engagement platform have to be a heavy lift?

For expediency, many practices have employed a patchwork approach to upgrades, making a transition to digital solutions on an as needed basis…and as time wore on, it has proven to be a costly and inefficient.

You have done your due diligence, and everyone is in agreement that you have found a digital engagement platform that checks all you and your colleagues’ boxes. Looming in the back of everyone’s psyche is the dread of what it’s going to take to implement and deploy what was promised by the vendor.  That dread is justified because it’s often found during implementation that the words “bi-directional integration” and “high level of customization” mean entirely different things to the vendor and the customer. These buzzwords are used often and effectively to close deals. They are used quite liberally and, in most cases, not to the advantage of the customer. It’s unfortunate that this is revealed in implementation, after all the time was spent investigating and papers signed making it that more difficult to pivot to a solution that will meet your needs.   

As an example, imagine finding out that all your patients will be getting pharmaceutical advertisements or that you need a separate dashboard to push your patient’s data into your EMR during implementation. Or that not all the data is going the correct discreet field, or we can’t do this assessment, or we don’t handle HPI, etc.   At that point you have two choices, accept the quirky limitations as “this is better than what we had”, or find a vendor that will be transparent and deliver the solution you want. In many cases, when their IT teams were able to successfully get an intake system up and running, it was often buggy or failed to integrate as promised. And you could forget about patient experience customization or branding. 

We hear this all the time from our satisfied clients that switched from another platform many of whom were in the implementation process.   

They tell us that their project costs quickly spiraled out of control, and they began experiencing unanticipated system downtime and hard feedback from their colleagues. – something no one wants or can afford.  The implementation process became like forcing a square peg into a round hole.

Again, in the end, after many headaches and much cost, these practices tell us they wished they’d discovered Yosi Health’s patient intake solution sooner.

We’d all like to leverage the capabilities of our existing systems to help us address new business challenges and increase the size or our panels through the automation of the patient consumer experience. 

The pandemic was the catalyst for major changes to the medical profession. Overnight, the entire healthcare field was in large part was compelled to go remote requiring digital engagement. 

For expediency, many practices employed a patchwork approach to upgrades, making a transition to digital solutions on an as needed basis.  It was like applying war time triage to a business model.  And as time wore on, it proved to be a costly and inefficient. 

Why is the Yosi Health solution a superior approach?  Chiefly because the Yosi patient intake platform used the latest technology associated with cloud-based platforms.  That means, we maintain the infrastructure for you.  Our systems do the heavy lifting, in the background.  Your existing systems, the ones in your office, simply serve as an interface, to connect your needs to our powerful online cloud-based solutions.

By being cloud-based, Yosi is able to be customize our services to meet your practice’s needs, no matter what your current legacy systems are.  Similarly, our back-end solution is platform agnostic and is available on all the mobile devices, tablets, and computers. 

And that’s not all. Practices tell us that they love the fact that Yosi has partnered with the industry’s leading EMR/EHR systems. Our fully genuinely integrated patient intake and registration platform automatically uploads and updates critical patient data in real time, freeing up your administrative staff to focus on patient management.

If implementing patient intake solutions is becoming nothing more than an IT nightmare, why don’t you schedule a no-obligation, no-pressure, information-only call to explore how our cloud-based service can serve your practice.

To find out more about our patient intake solutions and the entire suite of Yosi Health services, just give us a call.  You’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!