6 Patient Engagement Trends Prediction For 2023 by Yosi Health

Yosi Health’s own Hari Prasad covered “6 Patient engagement trends for 2023,” in an article for Physicians Practice. The first trend that Prasad forecasts for next year is the rise of healthcare consumerism. In this information age, patients can be much savvier and discriminating about their own care and the providers that they choose. Therefore, healthcare providers must put more emphasis on improving patient experience to retain those patients.

Secondly, digital healthcare will be the new normal. Patients these days expect convenience and hands on management of their healthcare, so health systems must rise to this occasion. From booking their own appointments online with patient scheduling software (which two-thirds of consumers prefer), to completing their paperwork through contactless patient intake, expanding digital portals will be necessary. Fortunately, such software is more convenient not just for patients but also for clinic staff.

Third, along with this digital transformation is a projected increase in telehealth solutions due to technological advancements, improved usability for both patients and providers, and better insurance coverage benefits for virtual appointments.

Next, as patients continue to behave as consumers, studies show that 94 percent of them prefer to research and read reviews about their potential care providers before scheduling an appointment. This means that gaining positive reviews through reputation management will be more imperative than ever to a medical practice.

A fifth health tech trend we will see next year is the need for scalable web platforms. As smaller clinics continue to combine into larger group practices, their tech solutions, such as patient intake software and other platforms that integrate with EHR systems, must be flexible enough for growth.

The sixth and final trend from Prasad’s article—rising costs—­is not exclusive to only healthcare. Just as many industries are affected by inflation, healthcare costs are also predicted to rise by at least six percent in 2023. Ensuring a successful practice will require providers to prioritize being as economical and cost-efficient as possible. This includes keeping an eye on metrics that affect the bottom line, like patient no-show rates. Patient intake solutions like those of the Yosi Health system will supercharge your practice to address all these concerns and more in the coming new year. Read the full article here.