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Client Case Study

All Woman Women’s Healthcare

Yosi helped Dr. April M. Tillery at All Woman Women’s Health use innovative technology to enhance the patient experience and change the way healthcare is delivered.

Dr. April M. Tillery’s Obstacles

  • Needed to find reliable, automated patient intake, registration, and engagement system that didn’t require personal, hands-on administration
  • Needed to find a way to deal with insurance discrepancies prior to patient arrival
  • Wanted a digital patient intake and registration system that didn’t rely on an in-office kiosk
  • Needed to find cost-effective virtual waiting room solution

Yosi Health’s Solutions

  • Fully automated patient intake and registration system cut average patient wait times by 70%
  • Virtual waiting room solution eliminated need for designated administrative staff
  • Dramatically improved patient experience before, during, and after appointments
  • Saves $1,200 annually compared to previous patient registration platform

Practice Highlights

Average Reduction in Patient Wait Times
Saved Annually by Switching to Yosi Health

“Yosi Health is the only virtual waiting room solution provider that proves time and time again to have great customer service. They immediately blew me away with how responsive they were. Yosi is entirely focused on making it easy for the patient—and they were offering their virtual waiting room solution at half the price of what we were paying. We’ve been incredibly happy ever since we made the switch.”

Dr. April M. Tillery
Dr. April M. Tillery
Founder, All Woman Women's Healthcare
All Woman Women's Healthcare

Small Practice, Large Patient Base, Inefficient Front Office

In 2015, when Dr. April M. Tillery’s partners joined the hospital system, she wanted to stay independent and keep a smaller practice. As a solo provider with over 4,000 patients, she struggled to manage patient administration—and struggled to find effective administrative help to accommodate her large patient base.

“We went through about three front-office people to do registration and all of that, and long story short, nobody could do the job,” Dr. Tillery says. “I was growing frustrated cleaning up so many messes and I just knew there had to be a better solution.”

Finding Other Virtual Solutions (and service) Lacking

First, Dr. Tillery went with another virtual waiting room solution platform. Unlike Yosi, they required her to rent three in-office iPads fitted with their proprietary software for $600 a month.

“Over the 18 months we worked with them, they kept increasing the rental fees for the iPads,” Dr. Tillery remembers. “Plus, they had terrible service. You couldn’t talk to anyone. You would just hope that they would reply by email at some point, but they were totally unreliable.”

All Woman Women's Healthcare
All Woman Women's Healthcare

Improving the Patient Experience Across the Board

For Dr. Tillery, one of the most valuable aspects of the Yosi Health platform is the way it’s transformed her patient’s experience with her practice.

“The big thing for me is how much our patients like it,” she says. “Since we’re a gynecology practice, most of our patients are seen regularly on an annual basis. We used to get complaints from patients about having to fill out the same forms with the same information every year. Not only are our patients happier now, but I can be so much more efficient in the office.”

Learn More About the Yosi Health Platform

Yosi Health Patient Registration
Contactless Patient Intake

A Safe, Virtual, and Better Patient Experience.

Our patient intake is fully customizable based on your specialty, patient age, gende, visit type, etc and bi-rectionally integrates with your EMR in real time.

Custom patient intake forms

Let patients sign electronically

Upload ID and insurance cards

iPad app for waiting room check-in

Learn More
Appointment Self-Scheduling

Reduce Patient No-Shows.

Give patients the freedom to schedule their next visit directly from their smartphone or mobile device with custom text or email appointment confirmations and reminders.

Maintain control of your schedule

Eliminate duplicate appointments with real-time scheduling

Dynamic appointment reminders & confirmations reduce phone calls

Learn More
Yosi Health Patient Self-Scheduling
Yosi Health Patient Payments
Payments & Billing

Increase Payment Collection Rates.

Easily send patient bills, collect co-pays and outstanding balances directly from the Yosi Health platform.

Easily collect co-pays and outstanding balances

Bank-level security and PCI compliance

Save credit cards on file

Create payment plans

Learn More
Surveys & Review Management

Improve Your Online Reputation & SEO

Easily manage your care centers online reputation and automatically gather patient feedback with easy-to-use survey templates.

Collect reviews online

User-friendly patient surveys

Post reviews across social platforms

Engage patients easily to enhance your reputation

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Yosi Health Patient Surveys
Yosi Health Appointment Self-Scheduling
Telehealth Solution

Meet Your Patients  Remotely.

Utilize our telehealth solution fully integrated with Google Meet to provide care for your patients vrtually.

Easy & Simple Setup

Patients do not have to login

Automated reminders with video link sent

Learn More
DME Management

Order Supplies  for Patients.

Eliminate the paperwork to order DME supplies for your patients with a simple 3-click solution.

Full list of products available to choose from

Comes with a DME license

Order tracking available

Learn More
Yosi Health Document Management