Yosi_Health Newsletter Q1 2023

Mother using patient intake software to schedule a pediatric appointment

The success of a pediatric practice comes down to fulfilling two main objectives: Maintaining operational efficiency and earning the satisfaction of parents/primary caregivers. While the staff that you hire plays a large role in achieving both goals, you can bolster your chances of success by adopting the use of pediatric patient intake software.

The alternative to using patient intake software relies on the parent or primary caregiver filling out traditional paper forms in your waiting room and having your staff transcribe that information into your EMR. In scenarios like this, pediatric practices are at risk of misplacing important patient information or even collecting inaccurate information due to the difficulty in reading hand-written notes. Digitizing your pediatric intake process improves the quality of care by removing these errors, improving waiting room efficiency, and reducing the burden on your staff.

Key Features of Pediatric Patient Intake Software

There are many pediatric software options available, but the solution that you select should be able to pass a few quality checkpoints.

  • Secure: As a pediatric practice, the information that you are collecting is likely to include items such as Social Security numbers and other sensitive data; thus, it’s important to make sure your patient intake software has secure data transmission, has two-way integration with your EMR, and is compliant with HIPAA standards.
  • Reliable: Maintaining uptime is crucial for any software that is offered as a service, and pediatric intake software is no different. If you select a solution that is unstable and frequently inoperable, you run the almost-certain risk of lowering patient satisfaction. When selecting pediatric software, your choice should have a superb track record of maintaining operability.
  • Easy to use: Simplicity is key when selecting patient intake software, as you want to ensure that both parents/primary caregivers and your staff can use the software without extensive training.
  • Flexibility: Your pediatric patient intake software should be customizable to your workflow, instead of the other way around. For example, Yosi Health is able to digitize and integrate your customized patient intake forms, so you don’t need to change the information you collect. Children require specific questions, developmental screeners, and assessments when attending a well child visit based on their age. Yosi Health makes sure you get the right information and its seamlessly integrated into your EMR.

Quicken Patient Flow with Pediatric Software

It’s no secret that waiting is one of the most frustrating parts of visiting the doctor’s office, and if you aren’t trying to improve patient flow, then you may face fallout. PatientPop collected a list of common grievances that patients have with doctor office visits, and here are some striking statistics that they found:

  • 43% of patients say long wait times are the most frustrating aspect of attending healthcare appointments
  • 30% have walked out of an appointment due to a long wait
  • 20% have switched providers due to long wait times
  • 44% of healthcare consumers say wait time at the doctor’s office is either “somewhat important” or “very important” as part of the overall patient experience. 

Improving Service with Pediatric Practice Software

Patient intake software is an invaluable tool for any pediatric practice. Not only does it save time and resources, but it also provides a more efficient patient experience. Digital patient intake software allows pediatric practices to streamline their workflow by automatically populating forms with relevant information from previous visits as well as from other sources such as insurance companies or lab results.

When selecting software for your pediatric practice, you should make sure that the solution you select is secure, reliable, easy to use, and customizable for your needs. Choosing the right patient intake software for your pediatric practice will have a direct impact on your bottom line and the satisfaction of the parents/primary caregivers of your patients. If you are thinking about digitizing your intake process, please schedule a consultation to speak with one of our experts and find out how Yosi Health’s patient intake software can boost your pediatric practice.

Mother filling out pediatric intake forms from the comfort of her own home

As a new generation of parents emerges, pediatric practices must evolve to meet a new expectation of care. The outdated processes of filing physical paperwork and communicating via phone are no longer conducive to a positive patient experience, and in an age of on-demand services, healthcare practitioners must leverage technology to find continued success.

Palm Beach Pediatrics (PBP) in West Palm Beach, Florida is moving forward to optimize the patient experience with full-range patient engagement support from Yosi Health. The solutions provided to PBP by Yosi include online scheduling, online registration, pre-registration screenings, patient surveys + review management, and two-way texting.

By taking several of their services online, the front desk staff were able to eliminate time-consuming elements of intake and registration. Streamlining the process relieved the clerical burden and allowed front desk staff to provide better, more attentive service to the patients and their parents.

This new generation of parents, who have known technology their whole lives, appreciates the changes made to antiquated procedures. Yosi facilitates more efficient communication with two-way texting, which allows parents to easily submit insurance information and communicate directly with the front desk in their preferred medium.

The transition into using the platform was made smooth by Yosi’s commitment to thorough testing before taking everything live. They worked with staff to ensure that everyone was trained and knew the software, bringing with them the trust and respect that all practices deserve.

To read more about Palm Beach Pediatrics’ experience with Yosi, read Healthcare Innovation’s full article, A West Palm Beach Medical Group Leverages Technology to Improve the Patient Experience.